Pro Trader Technical analysis

  • Chart reading -Using price action and Candlesticks patterns.
  • Support and Resistance with Gann number technique.
  • Open Interest reading
  • Entry, Exit and Stop-loss
  • Stock Selection Intraday and Positional
  • Nifty Strategy.. Intraday and Weekly
  • Banknifty Strategy : Intraday, Positional
  • Nifty and Bank Nifty Strategy : Expiry Strategy
  • Hedging Strategy: Consistent money making setup for Intraday
  • Option strategy
  • Option selling with minimum risk
  • High Volatile, Low Volatile
  • RISK Management
  • MONEY Management
  • Many more live examples of trades

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Bank Nifty

This is the complete FNO course only designed for traders, who love to trades in BANKNIFTY futures as well as options. Futures can be used for wealth creation in long term run with our swing systems. Whereas options can be used to create cash flow.

Nifty and Bank-nifty option Strategy The strategy that will make you earn consistently minimum 20-25% a day irrespective how market behaves and if follow all the rules strictly this strategy itself can make you earn 200-250% per month on your entire capital in day trading.

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Price Action Study

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Option Trading Course

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